Routine Maintenance
Tune Ups

We use all Mercedes factory parts and fluids and have the same diagnostic ability as the dealer at your convenience with a smile and a friendly service at lower costs.


  1. Mercedes approved synthetic motor oil replaced.

  2. Oil Filter replaced with a factory fleece type filter.

  3. Maintenance reminder light reset.

  4. Motor will be inspected for leaks.

  5. Tire pressure will be properly inflated.

  6. Tire wear will be checked.

  7. Brake pads and rotors will be measured and inspected for wear.

  8. Brake system will be inspected for any leaks.

  9. Brake fluid will be filled to proper level.

  10. Transmission will be inspected for any leaks.

  11. Transmission fluid will be filled to proper level.

  12. All lights will be checked.

  13. Wiper blades will be inspected and new blades recommended if needed.

  14. Washer fluid will be filled to proper level.


  1. All of the “A” Service package

  2. Removal of 2 spark plugs for inspection.

  3. Engine air filters cleaned and inspected.

  4. Condition of your coolant protection level will be checked.

  5. Brake fluid boiling point will be checked to determine if a fluid change is necessary.

  6. Air filter will be cleaned and new filter will be recommended if needed.

  7. Interior cabin filter will be replaced, excludes charcoal type filters.

  8. Tires will be rotated and balanced when applicable.

Pricing varies based on year and model.