Why Specialized and not a MB dealer? - Personal service, a name you know and trust, quality repairs and convenience.

Are you Mercedes qualified? Yes factory trained Master Guild Technician by Mercedes and Alfa Romeo. 40 years of Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lambourghini, and BMW experience.

Does your service affect my warranty? - No we use the same factory parts and fluids the dealers use and have all the same tools, diagnostic equipment and training.

How will you protect my driveway and avoid leaving a mess? - We evacuate all fluids and use protective mats and containers that will keep your driveway or office parking lot clean.

Are you licensed and insured? - Yes of course with the state, city and EPA and we carry a $1.000.000 liability insurance.

What if it's a big or difficult job? - We have a facility for big jobs that might require a hoist and special non mobile service where we will take your vehicle. We will pick it up and drop it off.

Can you reset service lights and engine lights? Yes after appropriate repairs or service. There is no difference between our service and a dealers besides the added convenience and personal attention Specialized Mercedes Mobile can provide.

Do you offer free estimates? - Over the phone we can give you an idea but it's hard to know exactly what is wrong before proper diagnostics.

What do you charge? - A service call with simple diagnostics is $125 (e.g. check engine light). We will not perform  any repairs or service without your approval and you will have a fully estimated work order prior to any work being done. Standard maintenance or repairs quoted based on labor and parts cost.

What are your hours? - Mon-Fri 8-5 by appointment.

What forms of payment do you accept? - All credit cards and cash.